Meet the Team

Our professional and dedicated team are sure to supply you with a professional, high quality service when you come to us. There’s nothing more important to us than our customers’ satisfaction, and we strive to ensure that we provide you with a consistently high quality service. When you come to us for car servicing, we’ll check and service your car swiftly and reliably.

Our team is devoted to ensuring your car runs smoothly as soon as possible; they understand that you rely on your car, and that every day you don’t have your car is another day you’re without transport. We know that without your car, you could be stuck at your home, or be forced to rely on public transport that for many people is expensive and inaccessible. This is why you can rely on us to ensure that your car is road ready as soon as possible, to save you the time and trouble.


Oliver and Austen Grice, Oli runs the office and is always available on the phone and Austen is our head mehanic and MOT tester.

Adrian Parsons, MOT Tester and Mehanic.

Grants of Wellington was founded by Trevor Klimpke. Trevor started the business at Grants Farm and has seen the garage expand through two moves to occupy its present position. 

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